How to Develop a Fashion App

What Are the Best Fashion Apps on the Mobile Market?

Although shopping can be hard and daunting, it has millions of fans across the world. We like buying new fashionable things to stay in trend. The world of beauty brings some many things to wear. The only problem is to organize the shopping process to make it less time-consuming and exhausting. This is where fashion apps may come in handy. The mobile market is yet not overloaded with such applications although we have some biggest names and proven leaders in the niche.

For startups, it means an opportunity to take their place in the niche with a brand new unique fashion app. It can be a good choice from business perspectives, as fashion mobile products are rather easy to monetize and generate decent revenues. We have come up with the list of some most recognizable and popular fashion apps. You can follow their example to gain success or implement something unique.

CREAM Style - Amazing Shopping with Only One Tap

It does not matter if you are a fashion guru or a novice member of the fashion community, CREAM Style if certainly the fashion app to opt for. It brings some of the best trends and curated styles from horse's mouth. Learn the latest trends of clothes to toss from leading fashion bloggers, designers, fashion houses and more.

The app lets you easily flip through different collections and fashion styles. Just press the "heart" icon to form a list of your personal favs. CREAM Style was designed to become your digital mobile closet you can always carry in the pocket. The application is totally free and available for both Android and iOS.

Grabble - Tinder for Fashionistas

Finding the right style can be a challenge. You need to spend some time passing through racks of outfits and clothes in stores around the borough. If this is what you like to do, Grabble will be a good app to download. You can save some money on gas at least.

The idea of this fashion app is to provide fashion gurus with the same experience as Tinder. The only difference that it searches not for singles but for clothing according to your likes and preferences. Once you come across a preferable outfit and like it ("grab" it), it gets to a special folder until you decide to buy or remove it from the list. It takes little time for the app to learn all your tastes and fashion preferences. Later it will come up with outfits that will meet your expectations and suit you best.

The main source of income is the collaboration with retailers and store chains. They all pay monthly fees and commissions letting the Grabber owners generate up to $1.2 million investments last year. The application is free and available for device powered by Android and iOS.

Dapper - Men's Shopping App

Men typically hate shopping. What should retailers do about their testosterone-fueled customers? How to break the ice? Dapper app can be a good solution to the problem. Despite the fact they hate shopping, men also want to look trendy and stylish. Based on the Tinder-like technology, the fashion app sends recommendations on what to wear and buy in accordance with the occasion. Whether you are planning to throw a party or have a business meeting, Dapper has always a wide range of outfits to choose from without spending time in stores. Moreover, you can use your iPhone to pay for the purchase at once. Apple Pay supports the application making it easier to choose and buy preferable outfits.

Shazam-Like Fashion App - Wheretoget

How many times have you looked at a girl or man in a great outfit and felt jealous? How many times have you looked through dozens of magazines in search of the same clothes your friend has? Wheretoget is a popular French startup that may be a good solution to the problem. At least, the app can certainly be a place where you can ask your question.

All you need is to post an image of a desired piece of clothes and get an answer where you can get it within 24 hours. Crowd-sourced answers provided by real users will be your personal guide in the world of beauty and fashion. The timeframe should not overwhelm you. As a rule, it takes about 30 minutes for Wheretoget users to respond. As for the revenues, the application lets you buy different clothes within the app. It charges some minor fees for the service. This is how it actually makes money. The project was launched in 2013. From that time, it got about $2 million funding and now is available in Google Play and App Store.

Self-Impression by Hangr

The main idea behind the Hangr fashion app is to deliver instant outfit ideas for different occasions. Imagine that you come across amazing shoes, but they seem to be too pricy. You scan them using your mobile device and Hangr will offer several similar variants at lower cost. It comes up with several alternatives. You actually do shopping but with less time required to rush through all available stores.

The app is a good option for both fashion gurus and retailers. Businesses can boost their sales as well as visualize their available combinations of outfits. They provide Hangr different pieces of clothes featuring UPC codes. This is how the application create their web portraits and displays them to you.

Styliff - Suit Up with Only One Tap

Once we started thinking that customized outfit recommendations delivered by a mobile app are a good idea, Styliff will blow your mind with its amazing features. The new fashion application comes as a combination of e-Commerce solution that provides 3D models of users in a particular piece of clothes. In other words, you can virtually try on different outfits and styles and decide whether they suit you or not.

All virtual clothes you choose can be obtained through the app. The idea is mind-blowing. If the app will be modified in the nearest future, we may witness the change of shopping industry in general. It will certainly change the way we buy clothes.

Created by a talented graphics designer Grega Trobec in collaboration with programmer Konrad Zuwala, they raised $50,000 funding and launched their product that immediately appeared to be a great success.

Summing Up

The article proves that fashion apps are still a good idea to take your place on the mobile market. The niche has only started developing, while there are a few well-established and recognizable products. Even the above-mentioned still have some drawbacks. You have a great chance to think of your own unique app features for the most devoted fashion gurus and implement efficient monetization strategies.

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