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Some leading IT publishing sources like TechCrunch and VentureBeat predict vanishing of the mobile apps as a breed in the nearest future. It may sound strange considering a growing mobile market and thousands of new apps appearing daily. However, mobile applications in the way we are used to will certainly disappear in the nearest future. We should be prepared for a new app revival featuring advanced technologies that will certainly change the global mobile market.

Today, we have a chance to observe applications' transformation. Telegram, Slack and Skype are a good example of such changes. They all feature chatbots that are growing in popularity these days. Assistants powered by artificial intelligence are the new trend for the mobile apps. They certainly have enormous potential. This article will give you some of the insights to explain what the fuzz is all about. We will also give the examples of some biggest titles that feature chatbots. Startups may follow their examples when developing their own unique product for mobile users.

Luka is Heating the Headlines

Have you ever thought of a place where humans and AI-powered bots can meet? The Luka app is the right place for this. It brings an incredible opportunity for users to talk to bots about anything they want ranging from restaurants to clubs. You can ask your mobile device about the nearest French venue and get a fast respond.

You can count on not just a simple answer consisting of one word, but also on images of a restaurant as well as digital cards displaying location on the map. address and other essential data. Moreover, you can require photos of particular dishes you want to try. All you need is to ask your chatbot integrated in the mobile app.

Luka is the brainchild of IO creators. They managed to build an application that includes several artificial helpers. The application highlights 12 different bots for a particular user's goal. Luka has separate chatbots for Foods, Weather, Video, Wiki, News, Pictures and more. Once you need to find a specific video or find out what it the weather in your borough just ask the app and get a quick respond. One great thing about chatbots is the fact that they will never let you down or lie. They are available round the clock and do not have day-offs or vacations. You can ask any information and get it immediately without the slightest touch of the screen.

Another great thing about Luke is the fact that it is absolutely free for users. It does not use ad blocks and annoying commercial messages. It does not use in-app purchases for monetization. But how can it really make money? What is the benefit of developing a chatbot app like Luka? There are two ways for making money with the application alike:

  1. Charge small fees for table reservations.
  2. Attract third-party developers and generate revenues from them. /li>

The application still does not have an established monetization strategy. With more than 5 000 real downloads on the App Store, the application generated only $5,000 of revenue. In spite of such a poor income, Luka owners see a great potential for the app in the nearest future including business and profit perspectives.

Lark - Your Personal Coach and Nutrition Inspector

Fitness and health apps are more complicated than they seem. They use special technologies that activate your smartphone inner sensors in addition to some other required inputs to track your health conditions, food habits and other parameters.

Lark is actually the same as hundreds of other fitness apps available for iOS and Android. The one thing that lets the app stand out from the crowd is its AI assistant that can talk to a user. In other words, you have your personal fitness coach right in the pocket. It acts as a professional fitness consultant giving you efficient advices on how you can improve your health conditions or lose weight.

Would you like to know how it works? Here you are. As well as other tracking health applications Lark uses special inner sensors to monitor your activities and habits. Take your device and ask Lark what you ate or bought yesterday. It will respond promptly providing a comprehensive feedback on your workouts, foods and drinks you have consumed. The app creators mainly rely on in-app purchases when it comes to generating revenues. It seems to be a reasonable idea taking into account about $19 million monthly downloads.

Meet Penny - The Most Polite Artificial Bank Manager

Have you ever thought of having your personal bank manager who never makes mistakes? Would you like to keep in touch with your buying habits and know exactly how much you spend on a particular category of products? Then you will certainly appreciate the Penny app. It is a personal financial advisor you can always carry in your pocket wherever you go. It deals with your balance and spending, bills, credits and other financial information. The only drawback of the app is that it covers US-based financial institutions. However, the situation will change in the nearest future considering a high popularity of the Penny application today.

If you want to benefit from its features, you only need to have a valid banking account. Penny will turn the most boring process into an entertaining procedure of checking your balance or credit report. Once you download and run the app, the most polite bank manager will ask you to link any of your valid accounts no matter if you use debit or credit card. If you need to sort out the money you've spent, just ask: "Penny, how much did I spent in a grocery store?" And you will receive the answer immediately in the most pleasant manner you have ever experienced. The app is available for both iOS and Android.

Digit App - Your Personal Money Keeper

Saving money each day is our key priority. Digit is the app that may certainly come in handy. Although it will hardly make your richer, the app will at least make you feel frugal. Powered by AI technologies, it will be rather efficient when forming your saving habits. The app we handle all necessary money transfers to any account linked. It will ask to provide an access to any checking or banking account and transfer funds on a regular basis instead of sending annoying reminding.

The key feature of the app is the ability to handle all necessary transfers on its own. Digit typically deals with small sums ranging from $12 to $17. The app analyzes all your bills, revenues, current balance and spending habits. It transfers funds only in case you missed the payment date. An AI assistant will talk to you informing of how well you are when it comes to financial situation. It provides detailed information about your saving account and forms efficient spending habits.

Digit does not have any in-app purchases or ad blocks. So, how does it make money? It cooperates with the Federal Bank and charges small interest rates that do not exceed 0.05%. The generated revenue in 2016 was about $5,000 featuring more than 7,000 monthly downloads.

Hello Hipmunk - Your Mobile Travel Guide

Hello Hipmunk is more an extension to a popular hotel and flight booking application also known as Hipmunk. The extension is powered by AI assistant concentrated mainly around calendars and emails. Both channels are generally used when people discuss their travelling plans and ideas.

The application analyzes your emails to friends and relatives and offers some of the best flights when it comes to date and price. Imagine, that you are writing your friend about your plans to visit New York via email. Hello Hipmunk will check the information on the email and find the best flight variants for a necessary date. The development team managed to give their app more insights to the different types of questions thanks to cooperation with the Navigator. The collaboration made it possible for AI assistant to answer ins a humanlike manner. Although the app is still available only in beta version, the results look rather promising.

If you feel tired or exhausted when performing an in-depth research or the upcoming travel, this application will certainly be a great idea. It will let you plan the vacation and find the most affordable tickets on a given date. It also deals with room reservations and hotel booking.

Summing Up

In this article, we tried to introduce some of the biggest titles when it comes to chatbot applications. The mission was to highlight how helpful and comprehensive they can be. You can think of a chatbot app of your own and deliver it as not an extension for an existing product, but as a separate mobile application. Own thing is clear: AI-powered mobile apps will shape the market in the nearest future and replace traditional apps.

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