Professional Ios App Development

Professional Ios App Development

Since 2015, Yunoapp iOS development company has been specialized in building award-winning products for Apple devices. A potentially strong startup has eventually turned into a quickly growing and developing enterprise with a team of dedicated professionals. Every time you look for an experienced iOS app developer, our website is certainly the right place to visit. We can boast a proven track record of successful iOS products for various fields and businesses. A creative staff creates engaging and stylish products that will certainly hit the headlines and take leading positions on the mobile market.

Today, we are going to show you how we develop our amazing applications. The article will reveal some of the most crucial stages of the development process as well as its structure. You will learn how we deal with iOS design and programming in addition to QA testing and maintenance. The mission of the content is to make it clear for you how iPhone app development may be beneficiary for your business.

Essential Steps to Make an App for iOS

We are the iOS development company with a great portfolio where you can find some of our best projects. We have already made products for some biggest names in different industries as well as for small startups and independent entrepreneurs. The team is specialized in building various types of applications. You are free to hire iPhone app developer any time you need to create any of the following:

  • Mobile games;
  • Dating services;
  • Social networks;
  • Business apps;
  • Travelling services;
  • Booking apps and more.

We can handle any task in spite of its complexity. The iOS platform represents one of the biggest mobile markets featuring millions of revenues for successful products. If you have a great idea how to attract a target audience with a problem-solving service, we will help you to bring that idea to life. Building an application for iPhone is a tough challenge especially if you need to implement special features and functions for your product.

The development process calls for maximum attention, skills and accuracy. For this reason, we have established a clear structure for the development process based on Agile method. The main benefit of this method is the ability to collaborate directly with the client and a team of developers. Customers can track the progress of the project on its every stage. Efficient communication here is the key to success.

Stages for iPhone App Development Process

iPhone application development is all about creating custom products. You will hardly find any template. For this reason, we build our every app from scratch. The development process features several key stages that a team should strictly follow in order to gain success. Those stages include:

  1. Explore the purposes. The first thing we need to do is to find out your goals and purposes. Exploration is the first and foremost step on the way to success. Efficient communication here is vital. This is where the Agile method may really help. Our project managers keep in touch with the customer to find out everything necessary to launch the development process. Then we discuss all issues and features of the future app to move to the next stage.
  2. Build the MVP version. Building the Most Valuable Product helps to understand the way a future product will look like. It will also let us determine the spots that need modification or extra attention. It is the last chance to make any changes or add new features that may come in handy for the target audience. For this reason, strong communication means are necessary.
  3. Create Design. UI/UX designers implement the latest trends for mobile applications. The idea is to make the product as fancy and attractive as possible to develop users' impression and experience.
  4. Develop the app. At this stage, we start the process of building the application. Programmers add all necessary features and functions in accordance with customers' requirements and goals set during the first stage.
  5. Test the product. We test the product on multiple devices powered by iOS. QA engineers ensure a smooth running of the app in spite of screen dimensions, OS version and type of device.
  6. Release. Once all stages are completed, it is high time we introduced your product to the target audience. We also provide constant maintenance and support featuring regular updates and modifications in case of necessity.

Why Create an iOS App?

In spite of all efforts to overtake the mobile market shares made by Android, iOS applications can still generate the biggest part of the mobile revenue. The latest statistic shows that Android market can potentially generate about $500 million of revenue while iPhone apps can boast up to $5 billion revenues. The statistic makes it clear why most startups opt for iOS developers.

On the other hand, developing an app for iPhone may cost more. In addition, the process itself is tougher, as Apple does not have special features for developers. We need to create a product from scratch. These factors may influence the total cost of your product. Another factors that affect the price include a number and complexity of features, timeframes and other crucial points.

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