Professional Android App Development

Professional Android App Development!

In spite of all superstitions, Android market is still able to generate high revenues when it comes to mobile applications. Moreover, the platform comes with a decent selection of tools and features for developers letting them create award-winning products for all types of devices. Here at Yunoapp, our every Android app developer will exceed your expectations and build an application that will certainly hit the headlines.

Android app development is certainly a good idea in case you want to target Europe, Asia and other major mobile markets. They are extremely attractive from revenue perspectives. However, the only way to take the audience by storm is to hire Android app developer of the highest scale and produce a brilliant product. The competition on the market is extremely tough. Hundreds of new applications appear. They include various types ranging from mobile games, dating services to business apps, and booking tools.

How Do We Make an App for Android at

We represent a superstar Android app development company featuring a team of experienced strategists, developers, project managers, designers and testers. Our every Android app builder works in collaboration with his or her colleagues as well as the customer. We feel passionate about your every idea and establish an individual approach to every customer. The company has a clear and efficient structure of the development process based on the Agile method. Our specialists work in hands to deliver a user-friendly design, smooth operation of the app and high level of users’ engagement. If you opt for our Android app development company, you will certainly gain success with your award-winning product.

Reasons to Create an Android App

Although some developers prefer starting with iOS apps, others turn to Android development, which is also a good option considering millions of dollars in potential revenues. Google Play may seem to be a bit overloaded marketplace featuring more than 1.5 million apps. On the other hand, it means that the market is still rather attractive for both startups and users seeking for problem-solving products. The number of Android devices is growing as well. Today, the market boasts over 50 million downloads, which makes Android market a good choice for your business.

All you need is a brilliant idea for the product and a team of experts able to bring this idea to life. We can handle every stage of the development process whether you need to build an award-winning app from scratch or generate the idea for your future product.

Android App Development Stages

The first thing we made was working out a well-rounded development process including thorough steps for every stage of the project. The main mission was to build a working structure that will let us easily create exceptional Android applications in spite of the type and purposes. At the same time, we work in close collaboration with the customer from the very start. It makes it easy for us to meet your expectations when it comes to the final product.

We utilize some of the most crucial steps. They include the following:

  1. Branding - the first thing we need to do is to establish a recognizable and trustworthy trademark. At this stage, branding is a crucial issue. We explore customers’ goals to decide on attributes and technologies to implement in the development process. Our designers and marketers will develop a capturing logo and brand name in case of necessity. Your business will eventually have all features of a well-established enterprise.
  2. User Experience - Our team includes creative and dedicated UX designers that will add some features to turn your new customers into returning ones. Great usability, intuitive interface and fancy look for your app are guaranteed.
  3. User Interface - It high time our UI designers took the lead. The phase is crucial in case you want to make your customers stay with your app for a long time.
  4. App Development - at this stage, our programmers and testers will implement all necessary features and ensure a smooth running of the app in spite of screen dimensions or type of device.
  5. Release - Now your application is ready to hit the market attracting thousands of users.

Every time you want to benefit from higher revenues and user engagement, you should start from the original idea. Building something equal to what users already have is certainly a bad idea unless you have some revolutionary changes that will out an ease on users’ experience. If not, you need to provide a unique solution to some actual problems of mobile device owners. The app will hardly take the audience by storm in case it does not solve specific problems for your potential customers.

On the other hand, having a brilliant idea is only 50% of success. The Android market is overloaded with new products appearing each day. You need to have a team of experienced specialists to implement some unique features and options to grab the attention of the market. We are here to bring your ideas to life and build mobile products for Android users that will certainly generate high revenues.

You have the next big app idea - we have a team of professionals!

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