How to Create a Dating App

How to Meet Users’ Expectations with a Stunning Dating App?

Web and mobile dating services are overflowing the market. The demand in efficient dating applications is growing rapidly. For this reason, many startups are trying to take their place in the niche and bear fruit. The revenues in the dating market are overwhelming considering various monetization methods in addition to a growing global audience of users.

The competition is growing tougher each day. Low-quality products are off the market once they appear. On the other hand, getting a bright idea for your service does not guarantee general success. How to take leading positions with your new dating app? How to attract millions of users and generate enormous revenues? You can follow the example of some leading networks like Tinder or follow our useful tips and build your own unique service to take the audience by storm.

Why Users Opt for Dating Apps?

According to the latest reports, 7 out of 10 users would rather use social networks to meet new people or find a match. The times of meeting a girl in the bar are gone for the majority of socially active people. A social network provides a wider option without any limitations when it comes to geographic location.

One thing that really matters is security. It is the major issue for the majority of users who opt for a dating service. If you are able to provide a safe users’ experience, your application will certainly be a success.

Easy interface and intuitive experience are other key factors your users generally expect from the app. They do not want to learn. They simply need run the application and start looking for a match without any difficulties. A user-friendly interface and easy-to-use features will certainly be great competitive advantages for your product in the long run.

Your application also needs to be location based. The feature is essential for any mobile app today. Everything looks cool if it is location based. You can take after some most popular dating applications. They include:

  • Tinder;
  • Hinge;
  • Zoosk;
  • Grindr and more.

The Steps of Dating App Development Process

The first thing you need to do is to define the list of major functionalities for your future mobile dating service. In spite of different features that can be implemented in the app, we believe that you need mainly to focus on the following:

  • Access control;
  • Matching algorithm;
  • Messaging system.

Let’s have a closer look at every issue in particular.

Access Control

You need to think of some fast and easy ways for users to sing up. Major services allow consumers use their social network or Google accounts to enter the application. It lets them save time and avoid annoying registration processes. The more convenient your sign up form is the more users are likely to choose your dating app from tons of other products on the web. No one likes inserting password and email. It is boring. The best bet is to provide access with only one tap choosing a social or Gmail account.

Some applications let users sign up using their Facebook profiles. On the one hand, you do not have to fill in the profile for the dating app from scratch. It will use your Facebook data automatically. On the other hand, none of your Facebook friends will ever know that you are using a dating app, as no information in your timeline will be displayed. Anonymity is another essential feature customers expect from your application.

However, an easy access does not mean you are not supposed to validate the content they subscribe. You need to keep control over their images and photos excluding any inappropriate content, photos with nudity, racism and other issues that are inappropriate. Always keep in mind that a dating application is generally built to let people meet each other online. For this reason, you also need to create tools to prevent your users from fake accounts and subscribers. Real information always matters.

Matching Algorithm

Some developers say that dating apps do not need any matching algorithm. They offer simple ways to find people using allocation or preference match. Well, both are actually the types of matching algorithms as well. On the other hand, some popular applications like Hinge will never let you keep in touch with people you do not know. The service lets you contact only friends or people you already know. The app does not have any matching algorithm but is still very popular.

Dine app is another good example of a dating app with a unique matching feature. The application can be integrated with Yelp and automatically arrange a romantic date in a restaurant. A user only need to pick of three venues he or she likes. A system looks for a person with the same preferences and arranges a date for both users. A great feature to really stand out from other dating services. You can think a matching point of your own. It can be a bookstore or a dancing hall. Use your imagination to make your app catchy and engaging.

Messaging System

While some modern developers think that a matching algorithm is hardly a necessity for a dating app, an efficient messenger is 100% vital. The entire point of your product is to let people communicate with each other. Otherwise, there is no sense in building a dating application. On the other hand, apps like Tinder let users choose whether they want to keep playing with their match or contact him or her. Most subscribers prefer to keep on playing rather than messaging.

What we try to say is that you do not have to limit yourself with some typical solutions for a dating app. You can think of your own method of interaction between users. They can send each other gift cards, images or take part in a contest to know each other better. Just make sure a chosen feature is entertaining and engaging. Some users are bored with simply writing messages. Moreover, they tend to ignore their matches in most of occasions. You need to provide a lively tool for interaction.

Ways to Monetize a Dating App

No matter how altruistic your app looks like, you will certainly want to make money from it in case it becomes popular with users featuring thousands of subscribers from across the globe. As a rule, mobile dating service are free. However, users will have to pay if they want an extended list of features. You can monetize your dating app using several proven strategies including:

  • Premium accounts;
  • In-app purchases;
  • Advertising.

The first two methods are the most preferable ones in case you do not want to make your users annoyed with the app. Premium accounts may include various features. Some users might be eager to pay in order to view more profiles or get an access to an extended list of options like emojis or something like that. In-app purchases may include special gift cards, presents, videos and more.

Some startups still opt for advertising. On the one hand, it can really bring some money for you. On the other hand, a few users will appreciate commercials popping out every time they try to write a message or view a match. If you opt for ad banners, make sure they at least meet tastes and preferences of your users (ticket sales, discounts, coupons and vouchers).

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