How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App

How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App?

Defining the exact cost to develop an app is a crucial moment for every customer who hires a development team. It is absolutely natural that a person wants to know how much he or she need to spend in order to bring the idea of a mobile application to life. On the other hand, it is sometimes hard to tell the exact cost of app development without knowing some fundamental issues.

For this reason, calculating the price of the future project sometimes turns into a major obstacle on the way to success. Budget planning is a vital thing for both development companies and startups. This is why we decided to highlight some of the key points and aspects that may affect the cost of developing an app. Let's clarify the current situation on the mobile market.

What Is the Average Cost of Developing an App?

The first thing we need to do is to define the key factors that may influence the total cost of developing an app. The price can be estimated with not only reference to timeframes and hours necessary to complete the project. It may also depend on a huge number of various factors that may change during the process as well. However, the main goal is still the same p implement an idea and all necessary features to make your app popular with end users. Here are some major aspects that will help you to understand the situation:

  1. App Development Team - app developers cost may differ. You can choose from freelancers and some cheaper options. Other prefer hiring proven professionals from well-established companies. If you want to save hiring amateur developers or freelancers, you should hardly expect high quality from them. Local-based development teams are the best solution if you seek for guarantees and quality. On the other hand, they will cost you a fortune. The best bet is to find the balance between reasonable prices and premium quality. This is what actually outsourcing companies offer. This is what we provide to our customers.
  2. App Features and Elements - the app development cost may also refer to a number and complexity of features you want to see in your product. The same thing is with design and other elements of the application. he more functions you want, the more complex your app will be, the more expensive development process is. Custom design and animations, types of OS and devices, screen sizes, technical complexity and many other aspects will define the price for your app.

Key Elements to Define the Mobile App Development Cost

The list of the most costly elements for developing an app may include several issues. The complexity of the future product appears to be the main factor that influences the price. We have defined some of the most crucial ones to let you have a clear vision of what actually you are paying for.

Technical complexity may include millions of features you want to see in your app. As a rule, they may include the following:

  • integration with third parties - the integration may be necessary in case the development team cannot implement a specific feature or service without a third party involvement. It may include libraries, various frameworks and services;
  • backend development - you need to have a reliable system that will ensure an efficient data exchange between the application and the database;
  • a number of devices and OS - every time you want to benefit from millions of user's impressions, you need to make sure your application meets the requirements of their mobile devices. Apple and Google regularly come up with new products that feature better dimensions. You need to guarantee smooth running and operation in site of the screen size, OS and other factors;
  • animations and custom design - user interface is probably the most complicated part to implement when it comes to custom applications. If you opt for this feature, you need to be prepared to pay more if compared with standard components. The only way to save a couple of bucks here is to look for some UI components and implement more efficient approach to UI design as well.

The only way to bargain your project is to compare and contrast all available offers on the market. The competition in the development field is rather tough today. Some companies are open to negotiate the price and provide some discounts. Do the research and opt for the best bet.

Hourly Rates and Cost of Outsourcing App Development

Once you start seeking for a development team, you will come across hundreds of offers. All websites claim they feature the best team of developers. They show off their completed projects and portfolios. Some may find it a bit overwhelming to choose really the best offer. For this reason, hourly rates appear to be the most important factor people pay attention at when choosing a company. Those rates may depend not only on developers' expertise and experience but also geography and other things. We have defined some popular rates in accordance with the region. You can choose the one that suits you most or you can simply opt for our developers to save your time and money.

  1. US and Canadian-based developers will cost you about $60-$200 per hour.
  2. An experienced team of Australian developers usually charges about $100 per hour. You can also find some more affordable propositions on the Australian market.
  3. UK developers are not as expensive as some may thing. The average hourly rates here start from $35 and may go up to $200.
  4. Eastern Europe is among the cheapest development markets. Here you can hire a developer for $20-$150 per hour.
  5. Indian developers are the most available ones. If you hire them, you will hardly pay more than $80 per hour in spite of the project complexity. An app with some standard features will cost you from $10 per hour.

Now you know the approximate cost of application development. Read our blog to find out more useful information.

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